[wp-hackers] A request.

Podz podz at tamba2.org.uk
Fri May 19 14:43:19 GMT 2006

brian at thecodecave.com wrote:
>> Podz wrote:
>> The contact form plugin will do the job but we need 3 additions:
>> 1 - that WP generates a number, shows the number to the person and 
>> 2 - a check box that indicates they have read everything, agree with > 3 - And the appropriate error messages should anything be missing.
>> If no-one by the end of the day I'll take it to rentacoder.
> Generating a unique number, displaying it, putting that value in a hidden field that is part of a submit along with a verification check box, and checking all of that when the submit is done, is probably a 5 minute task for most of us.  
> You're probably not getting any responses, because we're a little unsure that that's all you'll be wanting. To me, it sounds like you're asking how to do a fairly basic task that will be used with something that already required a much higher skill level to create.  Maybe I'm missing something.
> Do you just want one of us to toss up a basic example php file that does what I've described in the first sentence? And if so, would you want the options to be shown in the URL (such that the user could type them all in), or do you want the submitted values to be hidden (probably better)?  Also, do you care how long the number is?  And will it become the user's ID (so that each user MUST get a unique one) or is it just going to be used to verify the person came from the registration page?   If that's not what you want, could you give me/us more information?

Thanks for replying :)
It's not complex:
Follow that through.

What we need is for the person submitting their data to be sure when 
they are contacted that the person who contacts them is the real deal.
They have to see the number.
Ideally that number is cc'd to them.
They get an email from us with that number.

Trust issues are another matter - we are just after the authentication.

It's part of something that will live at wordpress.net and operated by 
established WP users. The above is just getting it looking and working well.


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