[wp-hackers] do pages and posts make sense?

Markus Lutzer m.lutzer at gmx.de
Fri May 19 07:45:57 GMT 2006

Andy Skelton schrieb:
> On 5/18/06, Markus Lutzer <m.lutzer at gmx.de> wrote:
>> According to discussions in several threads many people would like to
>> use categories for Pages. I think that such a feature would allow more
>> freedom in the structure of a website. AFAIK it would be easy to
>> implement it but could result into problems with category specific
>> templates. Is this true and are there other implications? Why can't
>> pages belong to categories? Are there any patches or plugins to address
>> this issue?
> Somebody slap Markus for saying the word "easy" without posting some
> code. ;-)
> Markus, bear in mind the primary reason for pages: people need a unit
> of content that lives outside of the chronological structure of the
> weblog. Now imagine the category view with some pages mixed in. Where
> in the reverse chronological order would you put a page? It doesn't
> fit.

Solution 1: Pages are also created on a specific date; why not use this
date when they should be listed in a chronological order?

Solution 2: It's up to the administrator if pages and posts are mixed in
the same category. I could imagine a category "tech blog" for my blog
but also a category "tech tips" for instance. Other blogs as "journey
blog" or "work blog" could also be created easily by assigning
posts/pages to the specific category. When the user selects "tech tips"
she should see all the pages/posts each containing a specific tech tip.
If you still feel unhappy with mixing posts and pages, categories could
be of a type "post" resp. "page" and does allow pages resp. post only.

I hope to make it clear that in my idea every (!) blog has to have a
category to define which posts/pages to display. (of course a super
category "all" should also be possible)

I hope to got your point but please correct me if I missed it.

> It's possible to write a query to get a set of pages and then display
> them in some sort of order. The prime example is Manage Pages in the
> admin. You get the page titles listed in a hierarchical format. It's
> even possible to assign categories to pages in the database.
> What remains to be decided:
> * Whether it's even a worthwhile feature for WordPress

I would like to use categories for pages to have some categories in the
main navigation menu. The user should be able to continue to a specific
page by selecting in a sub-menu after she selected one category.

> * How to display a category view of pages

depends on the argument provided to the function:
- chronological order (default). This is nothing else than a blog
- alphabetically
- others, e.g. relevance, manual defined order

> * Whether and how to merge pages and posts in a category view

see above.

> My answer to 1 is "no" so I haven't spent any time on 2 or 3.

With respect to your opinion I think it would be an advantage for the
users to be free in choice. As I already wrote it would also make the
concept of WP more understandable. I guess many first-time-users are
thinking "what is the difference between Post and Page?"


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