[wp-hackers] Hacking wp-admin/edit-pages.php Page listing

Rob Miller r at robm.me.uk
Tue May 16 02:56:44 GMT 2006

Paul Menard wrote:
> Greeting all,
> I have a client using WP 2.0.2. They seems to really like the concept 
> of Pages for creating somewhat static content and controlling the page 
> slug. They like WP Pages  so much they called me last week with a 
> problem. Seems they have over 100 pages with 5 levels of nesting. 
> These of course all list on a single page when the editor navigates to 
> the edit-pages.php page. They requested I provide some hack to filter 
> the listing or provide some paging process to limit the display to 
> 20-30 Pages at a time. Not that they have a slow server or database. I 
> logged in with my admin-level account and it took close to 15 second 
> for the page to finish loading.
> On another client project I've been playing around with some AJAX Tree 
> view controls for remote server-side directory browsing. I was 
> thinking I could modify edit-pages.php to provide the display of the 
> parent-child nodes via a tree view. This should be pretty simple to 
> implement. As an extra step I'd like to allow the user to drag and 
> drop a node/item which would in effect change the post_parent value in 
> WP.
> Just wondering if the end result would be useful to anyone else. I've 
> been looking for some admin plugins or listing of admin area filters 
> or hooks. This area seems totally vacant. So far I've only found the 
> admin OS X template skin which is not nearly what I need.
> P-
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This was mentioned by Matt and I also had the idea of a nested tree view 
[1] but never got round to coding anything up. If you do, post it up on 
that Trac ticket :)

[1]: http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/2004

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