[wp-hackers] Hacking wp-admin/edit-pages.php Page listing

Paul Menard codehooligans at codehooligans.com
Mon May 15 21:05:01 GMT 2006

Greeting all,

I have a client using WP 2.0.2. They seems to really like the concept  
of Pages for creating somewhat static content and controlling the  
page slug. They like WP Pages  so much they called me last week with  
a problem. Seems they have over 100 pages with 5 levels of nesting.  
These of course all list on a single page when the editor navigates  
to the edit-pages.php page. They requested I provide some hack to  
filter the listing or provide some paging process to limit the  
display to 20-30 Pages at a time. Not that they have a slow server or  
database. I logged in with my admin-level account and it took close  
to 15 second for the page to finish loading.

On another client project I've been playing around with some AJAX  
Tree view controls for remote server-side directory browsing. I was  
thinking I could modify edit-pages.php to provide the display of the  
parent-child nodes via a tree view. This should be pretty simple to  
implement. As an extra step I'd like to allow the user to drag and  
drop a node/item which would in effect change the post_parent value  
in WP.

Just wondering if the end result would be useful to anyone else. I've  
been looking for some admin plugins or listing of admin area filters  
or hooks. This area seems totally vacant. So far I've only found the  
admin OS X template skin which is not nearly what I need.


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