[wp-hackers] Easytags template system

Andrew Grumet aegrumet at gmail.com
Wed May 10 21:26:34 GMT 2006

How about wrapping the transformation for easy access by external editors?
Put in a big link to "Edit in another tool" that spawns the appropriate
interfaces.  Could be as simple as textareas for copy/paste or a full-blown
set of APIs.  Shouldn't be too hard.


On 5/10/06, Joey B <tunicwriter at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 5/10/06, Matt Mullenweg <m at mullenweg.com> wrote:
> > Owen Winkler wrote:
> > > Heh.  I wasn't aware that anyone used that page.  :)
> >
> > Waaaaaay more than I thought.
> >
> > > Note to others in the thread: Please re-read Matt's reply to mine.
> > > Templates wouldn't change, just the admin editor page.  It would have
> > > filters that converted things like <wp:loop></wp:loop> into their php
> > > counterparts on save, and vice-versa on load.  At no point would a
> theme
> > > file actually contain those tags.  (Right, Matt?)
> >
> > Correct.
> That'd be dumb (no offense). As others have pointed out in this
> thread, you do this for the theme editor, you're going to have to do
> it for everything. People are going to move from the theme editor to
> text editors. Then, they're going to use the easy tags in the text
> editors, thinking, "Hey, it works in the theme editor, it should work
> here," and then they find they're flat-out wrong. Then it hits the
> support forums... and I can just imagine you saying "Oops" now.
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