[wp-hackers] XML import/export in [3769]

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Wed May 10 20:57:25 GMT 2006

I finally wrote this long-awaited feature while on the plane from Dublin 
to Atlanta. It's in "works for me" stage, but I think it could use a ton 
of testing and ideas.

The goals? An easy way to move pages, posts, comments, and postmeta 
between WordPress blogs without doing a lossy export to the MT format 
and back.

It uses RSS2 + a made up wp: namespace. I basically just mapped fields 
in our DB to XML.

Import has been moved under "manage" since it's really not a top-level 
priority, and there is now an "export" submenu which downloads the XML 
export of your blog. WordPress is now an option under importing.

I'd love for people to bang on this, try to break it, see how big a blog 
they can test it on, and generally kick the tires.

Still deciding on the name...

Matt Mullenweg
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