[wp-hackers] Easytags template system

Chris Williams chris at clwill.com
Wed May 10 15:22:30 GMT 2006

My $0.02 on this:

- Perception is reality.  If people _think_ it's hard, it is an issue.
Regardless of what we programmers think.  This is as much a marketing
issue as anything else.  If one can remove a barrier to entry for people
to adopt WP, it should be done.  We all want WP to rule the world, no?

- It just needs to be a front end, and having it be multi-lingual makes
it wonderful.  Matt's idea that it xlates into PHP for storage/execution
is perfect.

- Document what you want, it's not like the codex is a PHP tutorial
today... If you started with a "clean slate" it might be easier to
document the 30 or so tags that would be required to get a basic
template off the ground.

- Sure it can be a plug-in, but how about making one chosen version of
it be a plug-in that ships "in the box" and maybe even is enabled at the
time of install?  That way a person coming from another system can only
enable theirs, and your "geek" can disable it altogether.

- This seems like a total win-win: "get the most powerful and flexible
template system in the world, and for you geeks, drop down into PHP
whenever you need to".


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