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Doug Stewart dstewart at atl.lmco.com
Wed May 10 15:06:04 GMT 2006

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Craig wrote:
> I'm with Matt 110% on this one. From the earliest days of WordPress, I
> recall hearing "I'd love to use WP, but it looks so complicated because of
> the PHP. I'm not a programmer, so I'll find something else to use." on the
> forums and everywhere else. I used to reply on a daily basis "I'm not a
> programmer either, and look what I've done."
> Many responses in this thread have been all about those who are code-savvy.
> I suggest you put on your casual user hats and then think about this.
> This initiative would be a huge step forward in embracing the many WP users
> who would like to do more with the application but are saddled with
> misconceptions about PHP. There are far more people in this category of
> users than in the hacker category.
> Craig.
> Nuclear Moose.

One obvious downside to this that I can see is that people will begin
clamoring for the ability to code theme files OFFLINE using the
templating vernacular, meaning that there wouldn't just be a need for an
editor plugin but also a theme loading mechanism that would take the
templates and transform them into valid WP-isms on the server side.

If we're providing hooks for plugin authors to use, then this side of
the equation also needs to be considered.  I can think of quite a few
Movable Type users that would love to be able to take their old MT
styles and just load 'em into WP without having to learn WP Template Tags.

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