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Joey B tunicwriter at gmail.com
Wed May 10 09:32:11 GMT 2006

On 5/10/06, Ron Guerin <ron at vnetworx.net> wrote:
> <snip>
> That is however the advantage of the approach you're suggesting.  If you
> cause the code to change from:
>    <?php potato(); ?>
> to:
>    <$potato$>
> Not only does it not frighten the timid as much, it's far less likely
> they're going to break it during editing, and if they do, it's far more
> likely they'll be able to see what's wrong with it.  That has *got* to
> be a plus.

I'm curious as to the reasoning behind the thinking that <$potato$>
would be less scary or cause less timidity than <?php potato(); ?>. If
someone was scared of "<?php", imagine how they may feel about seeing
to dollar signs instead. "Php" is somewhat recognizable by itself, and
the person can say, "Okay, this must be invoking some kind of php
code." If they see <$ .. $>, they'll have no idea what's going on.

But I'm nit-picking, I know <$ .. $> was just an example.

I think if WP were to use "easytags," it'd do best to use tags a la
TextPattern, which look like XHTML tags with a "txp:" prefix, complete
with closing tags, slashes, etc. (see
for examples and such).

Joey Brooks
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