[wp-hackers] Porting Wordpress to PostgreSQL

John Joseph Bachir jjb at ibiblio.org
Wed Mar 22 02:23:22 GMT 2006

On Wed, 22 Mar 2006, Andrew Krespanis wrote:

> I've got pretty extensive experience with adoDB and I'm already 
> investigating a WPmu-to-Oracle port for my primary employer.
> If anyone else is interested in a more complete abstraction, not just 
> mod's for one DB in particular; count me in.
> The other advantage of adoDB that isn't mentioned in the wiki page is 
> that if you have the extension compiled in it will automatically use the 
> functions from that and is pretty damn fast :) PEAR's DB abstraction 
> sucks. Sorry to any PEAR fans reading this ;p

What is y'all's motivation for wanting to use postgres? The usual 
motivation for using one DBMS over another is features, which is obviously 
not the motivation in this case since you are porting an exisitng 
application. There may be some performance differences as well, but unless 
there are some notable places where there are exponential or at least 
geometric differences in time or space complexity, I can't imagine that 
the effort to port to another SQL dialect would be cheaper than throwing 
hardware at the deployment.

Also you mention that adoDB is fast... it might be fast compared to other 
abstraction layers, but afaik all abstraction layers are slower than 
direct SQL. Or does it have some super fancy caching these days? Much 
fancier than the DBMS' caching systems?

Just curious... :-)

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