[wp-hackers] Community Views on Now and the Future

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Fri Mar 10 22:01:40 GMT 2006

Podz wrote:
> David Chait wrote:
>>I agree... they got MUCH busier, and I'm not sure that the forums themselves 
>>are keeping up with the load. 
> And having releases - like 2.0.2 - with "out in the next several days"
> as the most notice does not help when I get up this morning and find
> it's just been let loose.
> Matt - maybe let someone know? Please? We are a fairly important little
> cog in this you know. Yes?

I told you during the IRC Meetup that release was nigh, that it would be 
out at soon as we could get some more feedback.  I've been setting the 
stage for a 2.0.2 release for the last week or two.

What do you do to prepare for a release?  How much notice do you need?

 From where I sit, notice is a luxury.  We often get no notice when 
these illiterate security notices hit the lists and we get flooded with 
hysterical questions in response.  We race to address these issues and 
do damage control with the Linux distributions and hosting providers. 
All of this is done while bile and whinging is flung at us.  So, I'm 
less than sympathetic to pleas for a luxury that I am rarely afforded. 
In my opinion, there was plenty of time for everyone to prepare for 2.0.2.


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