[wp-hackers] Community Views on Now and the Future

Jason S. jason at zenenet.com
Fri Mar 10 12:10:49 GMT 2006

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> ___/ On Fri 10 Mar 2006 10:21:19 GMT, [ Podz ] wrote : \___
>> Matt - maybe let someone know? Please? We are a fairly important little
>> cog in this you know. Yes?
> It's now out. Someone has Dugg it already.
> http://wordpress.org/development/2006/03/security-202/


He's aware it's out.
The point was that Podz found out on his own.
NO ONE was informed of this release, which would help people like Podz
and co. prepare.
I only know it came out because of the version bump checkin.

I have yet to even read the WP dev blog yet.

Something like:
Even if Matt were to just come in and say:
"Hey gang, WP 2.0.2 is going to get it's version bump in 24 hours, and
there shouldn't be any more fixes/checkins until then."

Simple, quick, and informative.
That's all Podz is asking.
(I think.  Maybe he'd like a *little* more than that.)

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