[wp-hackers] Security. Forum post - 2.0.1 has holes

Sebastian Herp newsletter at scytheman.net
Fri Mar 3 14:54:23 GMT 2006

I'm sorry, didn't want to sound rude and I really appreciate what you 
are doing for Wordpress. I just didn't _see_ the full extend of this 
little incident. People who don't know better - most of them - really 
freak out fast if some high instance speaks of vulnerabilities in their 
favorite piece of software.

And I agree. One word from Matt would be really helpful now. People 
start not believing me it's safe, even if I let them execute the posted 
exploit on their own blog :-) ... maybe they believe Matt :-)


Podz wrote:
> Do you think I ask for this because I'm bored and can't think of
> anything else to do on a Thursday? Do you realise how incredibly
> annoying this is when we have to continually defend WordPress? Do you
> realise how many times this has happened before and that we KNOW a post
> by Matt shuts them all up? No? Right, trust me okay?
> I'll be honest though - if it wasn't for the dashboard I think something
> may well have been posted.
> P.

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