[wp-hackers] Security. Forum post - 2.0.1 has holes

Gustavo Barron cicloid at idealabs.tk
Fri Mar 3 10:13:03 GMT 2006

Podz escribió:
> Sebastian Herp wrote:
>> Podz wrote:
>>> Can I suggest a Dev Blog post today that will kill this security crap in
>>> the forums, or the release of a fixed up 2.0.2 ?
>>> I don't think ignoring this stuff is the best approach.
>> Why not? It's a false alarm. I tried it and it only works as admin. Why
>> should I hack a blog, when I am already an admin ... big deal!
> Do you think I ask for this because I'm bored and can't think of
> anything else to do on a Thursday? Do you realise how incredibly
> annoying this is when we have to continually defend WordPress? Do you
> realise how many times this has happened before and that we KNOW a post
> by Matt shuts them all up? No? Right, trust me okay?
> I'll be honest though - if it wasn't for the dashboard I think something
> may well have been posted.
> P.
In the spanish speakers community, started linking this "XSS", and
making a little bad publicity to the project, as for myself, I just
discovered this posts on many blogs, and started explaining that there
isnt any threat on this. But well, we really need to put this on the the
dev blog.

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