[wp-hackers] AJAX

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Thu Jun 29 21:42:46 GMT 2006

Yeesh, I say "I think I prefer the static interface on the admin pages by
default." and that's interpreted as "AJAX is 100% useless"?  AJAX DEFINITELY
has its uses and it is employed all over my personal site. I especially like
the way it is used in my search box, bringing up all matching posts for each
word as you enter it.

If you asked about using downgradable AJAX in the default WP Theme, then I'd
be whole heartedly on your side.  I just personally prefer administration
interfaces to be static, very clean and very tight.  The bells and whistles
can be saved for the masses...  Others may dissagree. but that's where some
form of WP-Admin themes may be useful (if a little scary).

Brian Layman

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