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Elliott Franklin Cable mail at avxw.com
Thu Jun 29 21:18:50 GMT 2006

I didn't even realize what list I was talking on, sorry - hell I  
don't know why I'm suscribed to this, I just noticed somebody dissing  
AJAX as 100% useless again, which pisses the hell out of me. Elliott  
Cable out (oh and I was never suggesting you implement AJAX into a  
hidden admin-only control panel, on the contrary, the tinyest chance  
of error or thinking something has happened when it hasn't or worst  
thinking something hasn't happened when it has - that's bad for a  
simple admin interface)

On Jun 29, 2006, at 1:10 PM, Brian Layman wrote:
>> User input to the server, output from the server to the
>> user, with no loading of a new page - how's that?
> It seems to me that a proper internet client should deliver that  
> behavior
> without any special client side information.  On most websites,  
> blogs in
> particular, when a page is reloaded the client should update only  
> what has
> changed.
> Just as in old school computer animation optimizations where you  
> only erase
> what changed and redraw those parts, the internet client should be  
> able to
> do a diff of the last page and the current page and only redraw the  
> altered
> areas.  If the client observes DOM, it's already half way there.   
> Maybe now
> that AJAX is giving people an idea of what a smooth interface looks  
> like,
> and broadband allows fast transfer of the page source, we'll start  
> to see
> some browsers start to come with that functionality.
> In the meantime, I think I prefer the static interface on the admin  
> pages by
> default.  I will wait until such a thing as a WP-Admin theme becomes
> available that optionally adds Ajax to the interface in a easily
> downgradeable fashion.
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