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Roy Schestowitz r at schestowitz.com
Thu Jun 29 15:25:27 GMT 2006

___/ On Thu 29 Jun 2006 13:53:53 BST, [ Craig ] wrote : \___

> I always delete this plugin, and if it is a good tool for new coders
> to learn from, then that's fine. I really don't care if it's there or
> not.
> Expanding on the plugin idea here, and taking this more OT, (my
> apologies) but I'd like to see some more functionality in the Plugin
> Admin panel.
> Specifically, I'd like the plugins to be sorted by status
> (activated/deactivated) and then alphabetically. [par breaks]

It  would seem rational to just have two 'boxes' (not  boxes
per  se), where one corresponds to inactive plugins and  one
contains  plugins currently in use. A drag and drop facility
would be beneficial, as well (as long as a fallback exists).

> [par resumes] Also, I'd like to
> have a way of deleting the plugin from the panel itself. Perhaps both
> of these functions would be best done via a plugin (oh the irony) but
> I just thought I would put those thoughts out there.

On  plug-in deletion, I can't say that it's a wise step. You
can  then have plug-ins that reach a state of  invisibility,
or  oblivion. There is a common design flaw wherein an  item
is  greyed out, yet you have no indication of how to make it
reachable. This can be very, very frustrating.

> Incidentally, getting back to Hello Dolly, I find it interesting that
> even though I've been a WPer since 2003, Andy's post about the plugin
> being a good starting point for new plugin devs is news to me. You
> learn something new every day, eh?

Today  I learned (the hard way) that my back will ache if  I
stride  too  fast, but as you said, it's "taking  this  more
OT". *smile*

Best wishes,


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