[wp-hackers] Hello Noobie!

Craig nuclearmoose at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 12:53:53 GMT 2006

I always delete this plugin, and if it is a good tool for new coders
to learn from, then that's fine. I really don't care if it's there or

Expanding on the plugin idea here, and taking this more OT, (my
apologies) but I'd like to see some more functionality in the Plugin
Admin panel.

Specifically, I'd like the plugins to be sorted by status
(activated/deactivated) and then alphabetically. Also, I'd like to
have a way of deleting the plugin from the panel itself. Perhaps both
of these functions would be best done via a plugin (oh the irony) but
I just thought I would put those thoughts out there.

Incidentally, getting back to Hello Dolly, I find it interesting that
even though I've been a WPer since 2003, Andy's post about the plugin
being a good starting point for new plugin devs is news to me. You
learn something new every day, eh?

Craig Hartel
Nuclear Moose.

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