[wp-hackers] has anyone looked at making Edit panels 'simpler'for novices?

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Thu Jun 29 04:32:18 GMT 2006

Actually, the point was to look at the 'blocks' on the edit panel as if they 
were plugins, or widgets might be a better analogy.  Somewhere to turn them 
on and off at a master level, plus somewhere to set how they lay out 
(globally, for all users, the default state -- and not per-user cookie or 

People don't need some of those things around.  Setting up more 'CMS' like 
sites for other users/companies finds a need for eliminating all non-needed 
interfaces, possibly rearranging the rest, including leaving things open 
(excerpt at the bottom is a pain, just as example).

As WP gets adopted by more site designers/builders for projects, handing the 
site off to truly novice users means the interface has to get much more 
streamlined, more stuff can be easily disabled (for 'lower' users) and 
hidden, etc.

Again, just IMHO.


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___/ On Wed 28 Jun 2006 18:12:42 BST, [ David Chait ] wrote : \___
> At the least, I'd love a way to specifically set which blocks are shown,
> what order, and open/close state.  (This should really be stuff under
> writing options, checkboxes or enable/disable like plugins, for each 'edit
> page module', plus maybe a 'force all open' option as well...).

Hmmm....  that's  /more/  options.  The  option  to  disable
options. Leads to circularity...

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