[wp-hackers] Re: Preferred method of fetching remote webpage?

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Thu Jun 22 18:12:21 GMT 2006

Rob Miller wrote:
| David Chait wrote:
| > No, it's obvious he just strips the headers.
| >
| > I too wrote my own retrieval library -- underlying CG-FeedRead and 
| > (and upcoming projects...) -- targeting quick XML fetches.  And yes, I 
| > with the various redirect and other header codes.  After using built-in 
| > stuff for a while, that then broke on some hosts, then trying one or two
| > libraries, which didn't always work, I wrote my own -- just easier at 
| > point. ;)
| >
| > If you're only concerned with WP, definitely use WP facilities.  I've
| > written general-purpose solutions, thus didn't want to 'rely' on a given
| > platform's includes. :)
| >
| > -d
| >
| >
| But Snoopy is standalone, incredibly stable, flexible and supports
| anything you throw at it, plus it's included with WP... why reinvent the
| wheel with something that's likely to be inferior?

First, what didn't you understand of my comment "If you're only concerned 
with WP, definitely use WP facilities."? ;)

Second, much of what I was up against 2 years ago (or more!) when I laid the 
groundwork was not understanding the actual exchange -- so coding it myself 
just made sense.  Would I switch to another library at some point?  Maybe. 
But I like mine, I know the ins and outs, etc.  If I was starting from 
scratch today, would I use Snoopy (or other libs)?  Probably.  But, today is 
not 2 years ago... ;)


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