[wp-hackers] Re: Preferred method of fetching remote webpage?

Rob Miller r at robm.me.uk
Thu Jun 22 17:22:23 GMT 2006

David Chait wrote:
> No, it's obvious he just strips the headers.
> I too wrote my own retrieval library -- underlying CG-FeedRead and CG-Amazon 
> (and upcoming projects...) -- targeting quick XML fetches.  And yes, I dealt 
> with the various redirect and other header codes.  After using built-in PHP 
> stuff for a while, that then broke on some hosts, then trying one or two 
> libraries, which didn't always work, I wrote my own -- just easier at that 
> point. ;)
> If you're only concerned with WP, definitely use WP facilities.  I've 
> written general-purpose solutions, thus didn't want to 'rely' on a given 
> platform's includes. :)
> -d
But Snoopy is standalone, incredibly stable, flexible and supports 
anything you throw at it, plus it's included with WP... why reinvent the 
wheel with something that's likely to be inferior?

Rob Miller
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