[wp-hackers] AJAX on Widgets Page Should Gracefully Degrade

Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Wed Jun 14 19:52:51 GMT 2006

If it matters any:
It seems that it's Vista stopping Alpha 3 from running it, and that the
widgets page works with Alpha 3 on XP and Linux :-)

On 6/14/06, Christopher J. Hradil <chradil at comcast.net> wrote:
> Personally, although I know the widgets/ajax is easier, I've been more
> inclined to hand code things myself for clients rather than rely on
> something like the widgets plugin. In addition, unless absolutely
> necessary,
> as time goes on I purposely avoid using  javascript as much as possible,
> and
> when I do use it I like to simplify things as much as possible and make
> sure
> that it is compatible with (or at least doesn't cause a user identifiable
> issue with) the major browsers. That being said, AJAX has tremendous
> potential as a tool, developers of any JavaScript code need to be mindful
> of
> standards compliance which I know isn't always easy or possible when
> trying
> to accomplish a specific task.
> It is clear that globally (in other words not only in relationship to
> wordpress), moving forward much more web and intranet development than
> ever
> (and I believe eventually, the majority of,) will be standards based and
> compliant. I've spent a large amount of time devoted to and guiding
> clients
> towards this end for at least the past 6 or 7 years. It's not always easy,
> many folks are resistant to make major migrations and changes needed to
> bring things up to speed. I think the fact that MS for example with the
> release of IE 7 has embraced completely the w3c standards and accepted
> them
> as presented speaks volumes about the need for folks to not only be more
> aware of standards compliance, but work towards adopting them in all
> future
> efforts. MS also has recently released a new development environment
> called
> MS Expression Web Designer (along with other Expression suite tools),
> which
> completely adhere to things like the w3c XHTML and CSS standards.
> Personally, as an independent consultant I was a MS certified solutions
> provider from 1995-2002, however, beginning in around 1997 I abandoned
> most
> MS related development work in favor of migrating to open source and
> standards compliance due to the extremely proprietary direction things
> were
> headed at MS at the time. I know that I made the correct choice. Almost
> every MS server environment has failed to be as widely deployed as they
> expected, and my belief is that that's due to the proprietary "spin" they
> put on everything. It's clear that the MS direction has finally changed,
> so
> it seems to me pretty short sighted and irresponsible for any serious
> developer/consultant, etc not to embrace and accept the fact that in
> designing new tools, careful attention must be paid to global standards.
> ...chris
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> There needs to be a graceful degrading for the widgets page:
> IE7 & Bon Echo Alpha 3 both choke on the (highly buggy) JS employed on the
> AJAX Widgets control.
> Seeing as these are the very latest builds of the two most popular
> browsers.. and that they are actually standards compliant (yes, even IE)
> that says a lot.
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