[wp-hackers] Help with redirect rule

Chris Williams chris at clwill.com
Wed Jun 14 17:12:24 GMT 2006

I would approach WP support with this, but from the recent discussions
here about rewrites/redirects, and this issue's complexities with the
post and preview logic, I was hoping for help here.

For years I had a site with index.html as its front page.  Google hit it
just fine and indexed it.

Now I'm a dyed-in-the-wool WP'er and love it.  But that makes index.php
my front page.  Google still has index.html, which now gets a 404.  So I
thought I'd use .htaccess to do a permanent redirect, give Google their
301 and life would be good.  I added this line to my .htaccess:

	RedirectMatch permanent (.*)index\.html$ $1index.php

Worked great, references to index.html go to my main page, all is
wonderful in Google-land (they even crawled and saw the change).  The
rest of the site is working fine too.  I thought everything was

Except in post's page preview.  It always shows my home page, not the
post being edited.  If I comment out this line from .htaccess, I see the
post, but then of course people going to the old .html get hosed.

Suggestions?  Comments?  Help?

Thanks in advance,

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