[wp-hackers] in_category does not seem to like child cats

Mark Harwood mark at phunky.co.uk
Fri Jun 9 10:09:07 GMT 2006

Hey guys,

wondering if any of you are able to help me out here, im almost done 
with my new project for my Counter-Strike:Source Clans new website

http://beta.mem-gaming.co.uk - all WordPress powered of course :)

Im having a little trouble with in_category() it does not seem to like 
to check for children cats. Is there any other built in function in 
wordpress for checking if a post is IN or a CHILD of a certain cat?

If theres not ill have to write one, just cant seem to find anything to 
suggest there is one already.

Many thanks
Mark 'Phunky' Harwood

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