[wp-hackers] Feeddemon and RSS

Mark Jaquith mark.wordpress at txfx.net
Thu Jun 8 16:14:07 GMT 2006

On Jun 8, 2006, at 7:08 AM, Podz wrote:

> FeedDemon has this new feature:
> Added: Items with a comment feed show a "Subscribe to this item's
> comments" icon in Surfer style
> It checks the feed for wfw:commentRss
> I'm using svn code and I see no feed icon because my wp-rss2.php file
> has wfw:commentRSS in it. If I edit that feed to wfw:commentRss  
> then all
> is well with FD. Looking around other WP blogs I see no icon for the
> comments feed.
> Maybe it needs editing? I would love to have this FD feature but I can
> only edit my site :)

Did FeedDemon used to support the wfw:commentRSS spelling?  I really  
hope they didn't change it to the new spelling and then cease  
supporting the old version.  Feed consumers need to expect either.

Yeah, it's frustrating that the Feed Validator is now reporting as  
invalid feeds that haven't changed... but WordPress shouldn't be the  
ground on which a battle is waged.  We're obviously not going to  
release a new version just to change this, but if we're releasing  
anyway (which we have been, and which we are going to do, to fix some  
of the 2.0.3 issues), why *NOT* put the change in?  Like it or not,  
the Feed Validator is the bar by which feeds are measured.   
wfw:commentRss was the original spelling, as it existed in the spec  
that the author wrote.  Their position, legalistic and ivory-towered  
as it may be, is still correct.

Mark Jaquith

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