[wp-hackers] anyone looked at Chameleon closely?

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Is *that* allowed? The plugins are properties of their respective owners,
and I know for a fact many let you do whatever the hell you want so long as
credit is given (like me :D).

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> http://www.flipcorp.com/chameleon/

"An automatic Google compliant sitemap generator is built into the system.
As and when new content is entered into the system the Google sitemap
service is notified in order for the Google crawlers to trawl the site and
index it."

"The Google sitemap module 'pings' the global search and indexing company
once content has been updated in order to make new and updated information
accessible through search engines on the fly."

Maybe I should use this text on my plugin site, sounds a lot better than my
"This generator will create a Google compliant sitemap of your WordPress

Unfortunately they even removed the author names in the plugins. :(


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