[wp-hackers] anyone looked at Chameleon closely?

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Tue Jun 6 16:51:52 GMT 2006


Looks to be WP with a modded admin system, a bunch of custom plugins, and 
otherwise a claim to be their unique product.  Don't know how they 'sell' it 
(or GPL issues) but thought I'd bring it to the attention of folks around 
here. ;)

There are a few sites Flip has developed that obviously have things like 
'wp-content/themes/...' in the HTML, though they've done a simply awesome 
job making it look like a custom site.  They have some real freaking talent 
on-board, imho.

I guess if they develop and host the sites (and basically 'own' the code 
themselves in all cases), there's no GPL issue?  But if they are actually 
selling it as a purchasable 'shrinkwrap' package for people to install 
themselves, then Flip would need to make modified code (at least the core, 
I'll leave plugins out of this) available, no?  Again, the difference is 
between 'use' of code yourself, vs 'sale' of code (or binary) to others, 

Anyway, just though hackers could use some thought-provoking discussion --  
please don't go way off tangent on this, stay on topic. ;)


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