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Roy Schestowitz r at schestowitz.com
Sat Jun 3 05:35:15 GMT 2006

___/ On Fri 02 Jun 2006 17:16:24 BST, [ Craig ] wrote : \___

> On 6/2/06, Rob Miller <r at robm.me.uk> wrote:
>> It will (I should hope!) be added into the core, it's just releasing
>> 2.0.3 and then 2.0.4 a day later will be annoying to users, especially
>> since the changes are relatively minor. Users affected by the bugs can
>> just use the plugin to tide them over until the actual release :)
> Which subsequently reminds me of past conversations in the wp-testers
> list where it was suggested that a more formal testing regime be
> developed and adopted for incidents like this.

Ryan  announced the availability of a candidate on the 31st of May,  IIRC.
This  was  posted  to  wp-testers, but there  was  no  apparent  response.
Therefore, I doubt many people bothered to 'knock' on it.

Maybe  there ought to be some incentives or hype, much as in the Bug  Hunt
(with  or without bounty) last year. I personally lost some motivation due
to  decreased  response  and  activity on Trac. While  I  still  have  the
nightlies  (re-)installed  every  night,  I rarely take them  for  a  spin

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