[wp-hackers] Plugin Management and Autoupdate System

Peter Westwood peter.westwood at ftwr.co.uk
Sun Jul 30 21:16:29 GMT 2006

Computer Guru wrote:
> About the install and uninstall routines, is this OK?
> We'll support three functions:
> +Upgrade
> +Install
> +Remove
> Upon successfully deleting the old plugin file and replacing it with the new
> one, the server will GET myplugin.php?upgrade

Surely this should be a normal wordpress hook like the activate
deactivate ones - that would be a more standard way of achieving this.

So you would have a call like the following in the upgrade process after
the new file had been downloaded and installed:

do_action('upgrade_' . trim( $_GET['plugin'] ));

> And the same for the rest.
> Upgrade/Install/Remove routines will be just pure PHP that will require
> _zero_ user intervention. If user input is needed, it should be asked for
> upon first run (for install only, the rest shouldn't need anything anyway).
> Also, I need some suggestions on handling multi-file plugins.
> Do we define some more metadata, say "chainloaded files:" that will be
> downloaded along with the plugin, or do we ....?

The download link could be a zip file which just gets unzipped.

Peter Westwood

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