[wp-hackers] Future Posting Fix Request

Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Tue Jul 25 15:19:01 GMT 2006

Back to the topic at hand:

(Damn, I hate CGI!!)

Nothing is unfixable, and there is always a solution.. but in this case, I guess it's possible the solution needs to come from the guys at Apache :'(

I don't understand why a user has to be there to bear the brunt of a ping-wait.. but here's another idea (yes, I'm determined)

According to previous emails, what currently happens is the server GETs the page in question, and _it_ waits for the ping. That's the way it is on ISAPI php or non-CGI on Linux. But this doesn't work on CGI since servers can't wait or something like that...

I don't understand this: you say the problem is that in a PHP-as-CGI setup, PHP files can't grab files off the local server and wait for the ping to go through.

Fine. Do we have to do it via PHP? If we're doing it server-side, we can require that CGI users have perl or python or _something else_ installed, and spawn that instead... can't we? After all, CGI is terrible anyway.

Or if you want to do it server-side but don't want users to wait, can't we use AJAX to do this sort of thing? If you use an image tag, technically 
1) It's invalid HTML
2) The page won't finish loading until that's done.

But if you send the request to the ping RPC server via a standard AJAX data technique, wouldn't that completely solve the perceived wait time issue?

Computer Guru
NeoSmart Technologies

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