[wp-hackers] Future Posting Fix Request

Doug Stewart dstewart at atl.lmco.com
Mon Jul 24 17:40:45 GMT 2006

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Robert Deaton wrote:
> Imho, the following things are wrong with some of the suggestions:
> - The one about Akismet... Akismet is a plugin that relys on an
> external service. I'd rather not have anything in the core rely on an
> external service all the time. For example, even the reliance on
> ping-o-matic as the default ping server was a bad thing when it was
> taking 20-80 seconds for ping-o-matic to accept the pings.
> -For search engine spiders, robots.txt, etc., or spammers, they are
> simply too unreliable. A future scheduled cron even may very well be
> triggered by any of them at any time, but we can't rely on only them
> to do the pinging. Short of building some statistic analystics systems
> in with the cron to detect whether or not another hit from a spammer
> or search engine is likely to come within a short period of time after
> the event is supposed to fire, there is no way for us to know which
> sites can handle this kind of behavior or not.

So what you're telling me is that my magical, mystical blogging heat
pump/perpetual motion machine won't work?

Bah.  Maybe I'll write a plugin instead.  *grin*

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