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Doug Stewart dstewart at atl.lmco.com
Mon Jul 24 15:18:24 GMT 2006

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Ryan Scheuermann wrote:
> Doug Stewart wrote:
>> I like the thinking, but why not feed Akismet spammers into that tarpit
>> instead?  I get a nigh-consistent barrage of spammers pinging away at my
>> comment form, 99.995% of which get caught by Akismet.  Use the spammers
>> to fire your cron jobs and make 'em wait for the result.
> Sorry to delurk for a moment... this is a great idea, but what is the
> consistency of spam requests to relatively unknown or new blogs?  Is it
> reliable enough that a cron scheduled process would run at accurate
> times?  And what about blogs with commenting disabled?
> Or, do we use spam comment requests whenever we can, and if no spam
> requests come in on the schedule, default back to a normal web user's
> request?
> Just throwing in my thoughts...

I was mostly kidding, although the same perils await new blogs if we
were to use the robots.txt method, as Google, et al. have to know about
a blog to index it in the first place.

Using wayward requests to things like favicon.ico, robots.txt or the
comments form might be a way to harness the "energy" of spammers and
search engines to make our lives a lot easier - think of it as applying
some thermodynamics to make everything work better.  Harness the
entropy, don't fight it!

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