[wp-hackers] Future Posting Fix Request

Ryan Scheuermann ryan at concept64.com
Mon Jul 24 15:03:51 GMT 2006

Doug Stewart wrote:
> I like the thinking, but why not feed Akismet spammers into that tarpit
> instead?  I get a nigh-consistent barrage of spammers pinging away at my
> comment form, 99.995% of which get caught by Akismet.  Use the spammers
> to fire your cron jobs and make 'em wait for the result.

Sorry to delurk for a moment... this is a great idea, but what is the 
consistency of spam requests to relatively unknown or new blogs?  Is it 
reliable enough that a cron scheduled process would run at accurate 
times?  And what about blogs with commenting disabled?

Or, do we use spam comment requests whenever we can, and if no spam 
requests come in on the schedule, default back to a normal web user's 

Just throwing in my thoughts...

Ryan Scheuermann

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