[wp-hackers] Why Can't Pages have Categories?

R.J. Kaplan just.be.happy at gmail.com
Fri Jul 21 09:15:16 GMT 2006

On Jul 21, 2006, at 3:44 AM, Computer Guru wrote:

> What if each category had a page that describes how to use it and  
> what it’s for?

That's an interesting concept, and I'm actually working on something  
similar for a site, (each category has a bunch of unique static  
information on the archive page) But the general concept of pages are  
that they're separate from the blog posts, so mixing them into the  
post categories for no logical reason will just mess things up.

And if you have a site where you need it to appear as if some pages  
belong to post categories, some tweaking of the theme should do the  

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