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Jeremy Wright jeremy at ensight.org
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Snazzy. I say it's a keeper. You may want to put an interface around it to
copy the code, explain what it's for, etc (and so people don't try and just
save it), but I say snazzy.

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I'm finally getting around to doing what I've always wanted, and that's
churning out the plugins.

My webserver supports the phps extension as highlighted php code. It takes
the PHP and formats it as colored HTML. You can copy and paste the code just
fine to a new document to create your plugin.


Now my question is, is this the 'preferred way' or is it more preferable to
save it as plain-text files that can be downloaded straight to the plugins


For example,

It's a _lot_ easier on the eyes, but if anyone were to save the target and
upload, it wouldn't work since it's formatted HTML, not PHP.

What's the right way?


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