[wp-hackers] delete_user action hook

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Mon Jul 17 21:33:39 GMT 2006

>> With MAC, even though it was popular, you had to scrap a lot of your work
>> with every new machine/OS that came out. 
> Huh?  The Mac OSes were the most backward and cross compatible things in
> world.  

Hmm if that's true, I stand corrected.  I was under the impression that
Apple OSs & hardware were so tightly tied that backwards compatibility was
considered a non-concern in that era.  I guess I formed that opinion largely
during the switch between the Apple ][ series and Macs. But I did think that
it continued with the switch between the Mac, the Mac II and whatever
hardware platform System 7 was introduced on.  Am I wrong on that?  The
software was largely interchangeable on those systems?

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