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David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Mon Jul 17 20:55:59 GMT 2006

Huh?  The Mac OSes were the most backward and cross compatible things in the 
world.  I used to have an external HD that I could boot pretty much any Mac 
with, great for tech support, lemme tell you.  Apps very rarely didn't work 
as the OS progressed (at the least in the more modern 6/7/8/9 range, let 
alone many working on OSX in compatability mode), or the chips changed 
(68K -> PowerPC, yet PPCs could run 68K code -- and the same goes today for 
IntelMacs running PPC code...).

As for Windows 'winning the hearts of developers', it had nothing to do with 
OS transitions, and everything to do with market share and med-to-big 
business spending habits.  Come on.  In fact, I know many windows devs that 
moved to the Mac because they were sick of many things going on with the OS 
development and lack of improvement over large spans of time.  Heck, Vista 
looks to be dissapointing.  I'm not a linux guy, and even >I'm< interested 
in some of the new tech coming down the pike...

If I had the money, I'd be working on an IntelMacBook Pro, with a minimum of 
three OSes but primarily working under OSX, and plugged into a 30" Cinema 
Display, with bluetooth mouse and keyboard. ;)  And this new funky Logitech 
input device that just came out...


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From: "Brian Layman" <Brian at TheCodeCave.com>
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C >>> Windows a backwards-compatible OS. Can you say "bloat"? I knew you
C >>> could!
MM>> Yes, but it also could be argued it's why they won the hearts of
MM>> developers over Apple in the early 90s.
CG> but that doesn't seem to be the real reason...

With MAC, even though it was popular, you had to scrap a lot of your work
with every new machine/OS that came out.  With the PC, you didn't have this

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