[wp-hackers] wp-cache2 performance (was apache 2.2.2 upgrade)

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Sat Jul 15 20:16:36 GMT 2006

Well, for low-use/low-access blogs, it's just not worth the overhead.

Additionally, for sites that have a lot of plugins doing random-style 
output, you need to either customize your code to work within the cache, or 
lose the randomization.  In fact, that goes for anything 'dynamic' in PHP. 
For instance, an RSS Aggregator -- you could have it set to update every 30 
minutes, but if the WP-Cache plugin is set to 2 hours, a cached page won't 
update for 2 hours, period.

So, not always a great fit for heavily plugin-oriented, non-programmer, 
dynamic sites...


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| I'd like to ask a similar question about WP-Cache2.  Is there any reason
| why a blog should not run WP-Cache2?

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