[wp-hackers] trunk core dumps

Justin Moore wantmoore at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 13:33:07 GMT 2006

I think I have a serious problem...

I upgraded my 2.0.3 blog to trunk yesterday afternoon via SVN. Later
in the day, I went to upload some images and realized my account was
at it's disk quota, which I thought was odd. Since I'm the server
admin, I simply upped my quota, not thinking much about it.

This morning, my quota was reached again - an extra 150MB over
yesterday's. When I started digging into it - I noticed lots of
"core.####" files in my public_html directory and in public_html/blog
and most of the core dumps are 6-7MB in size. Not being a programmer,
I simply moved the dump files out of home directory and proceeded.

Thinking it might have been a probably with yesterday's SVN upgrade, I
went and svn up'd and got rev 4017. I tried to visit wp-admin/ to
upgrade the db, but was quite surprised when I simply received my
blog's front page while the address bar was still showing

Everytime I try to visit a page within wp-admin, I get a new core dump
file. Removing .htaccess yielded Internal Server Error pages.

Server is cPanel/WHM running RHEL 3 with Apache 1.3.34 , MySQL 4.0.25,
and PHP 4.3.11. Everything was grrrrreat until I decided to brave
trunk... any ideas?

Justin Moore
aka wantmoore

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