[wp-hackers] OT: Structured HTML tags

Satyam Satyam at satyam.com.ar
Wed Jul 12 11:51:02 GMT 2006

Off-Topic.  First of all my apologies for drawing your attention to this 
programming project of mine.

I posted this some time ago in generic PHP sites but didn't receive any 
reply to my proposal different from 'we all use templates like Smarty and so 
on, so this has no application'.   So, I suddenly realized that at least I 
won't get that answer in this forum since WP does echo actual HTML code, 
even WP templates do echo actual HTML.  So, at least, I count on not getting 
the sort of reply that I got at the PHP forums.

Another reason to post it here is that you are concerned about producing 
properly formatted HTML. WP validates against any validator, which shows 
that those who code it are really careful about standard compliance.  Thus, 
I would think that you would appreciate to have such compliance checked at 
compile time rather than after execution.   Well, not actually at compile 
time, since PHP is interpreted, but at pre-compile time, which is what I had 
in mind.

So, not that I want to wet your appetite since I  am sure I can hardly do 
so, I just better refer you to the document I improvised about it:


Thanks and my apologies again for taking your time.


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