[wp-hackers] RE: Trac #2361 (TB + PB to the same blog causesonlythePB to show)

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Tue Jul 11 19:16:14 GMT 2006

> I know this is not the right place but it's been bugging me for a  
> while now - the not knowing bit :)

Places like this are better when they allow you to learn along the way.

> I understand a 'pingback' to occur when another site places a link in a
post to an 
> item on my site. That's what the codex suggests. Am I correct?


> My question is - am I supposed to be aware of this link being made? 
> Is something supposed to happen at my end?

Yes, and maybe.  Pingbacks appear, as you said on the Incoming links list.
I don't believe trackbacks do, but I haven't paid that close attention to
it. Normally both appear in the comment list as well.  But themes can alter
how pingbacks and trackbacks appear.  Some themes include trackbacks and
pingbacks in the comments, as the default one does.  Others have pingbacks
and/or trackbacks in a separate area that you get to from a link.  You have
a very slick, but highly customized theme.  There's a good chance it
customizes *back behavior.

Brian Layman

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