[wp-hackers] WordPress copyright status

Jeremy Visser jeremy.visser at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 04:45:57 GMT 2006


I am writing a PHP guestbook (dubbed "Jeremy's Easy Guestbook" for the
time being) that steals some code and ideas from WordPress.

My guestbook is licensed under the GPL, like WordPress and I was
wondering who owned the copyright for WordPress so I can put a credit
line in the README file as I think that would be required by the GPL.

I realise there are lots of contributors, but is it copyrighted to one
person? Or to Automattic, Inc.?

I would like to include a line such as:
Contains portions of code from WordPress <link>. WordPress is
Copyright (c) by <holder> and is also licensed under the GPL.

To have a look, the project page is at:

Many thanks,

Jeremy Visser
Email: jeremy.visser at gmail.com
Website: http://narnia.bounceme.net/jeremy/

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