[wp-hackers] Overriding the password protected post password box

CodeMonkeyOverlord codemonkeyoverlord at blindmindseye.com
Wed Jul 5 18:20:20 GMT 2006

Hi, I've been working on a plugin to allow users to send out a token that
allows a limited number of accesses to a password-protected post and was
wondering if there is a clean way or recommended way to put my password
prompt into a page. On my test setup of WordPress, I put the
get_password_form (or whatever it's called) into the PHP include file for
functions that can be overridden and it works. However, this is not
necessary the best solution IMO as it would require a core file to be
modified for the sake of a plugin. Should I just export this function
through my plugin and make people use it?



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