[wp-hackers] Coding style

Elliotte Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Tue Jul 4 12:26:18 GMT 2006

Rob Miller wrote:

> Why not just use a text editor that lets you change the width of tabs? I 
> use SciTE, and my indentation settings are:
> Indent width: 4
> Tab width: 4
> Use tabs: yes

Because we don't just work on one project and every project has 
different rules for this. Some projects are set up for 2 spaces per tab, 
some for 4, some per 8. A few IDEs let you set per-project preferences 
for this (Eclipse comes to mind) but that's rare, and little known 

Tabs are one of many practices that work just fine for a single 
programmer working on a single project, but simply do not scale to 
multiple programmer projects.

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