[wp-hackers] Coding style

ravi gadfly at exitleft.org
Mon Jul 3 22:54:54 GMT 2006

At around 3/7/06 6:10 pm, Rob Miller wrote:
> Brian Layman wrote:
>>> http://wordpress.org/docs/developer/coding-style/
>>> "Use real tabs and not spaces, as this allows the most flexibility
>>> across clients."
>> I know you weren't asking for debate, but I HATE this rule!!!
> <...>
> Tabs are just so much more flexible for this reason - I like my tabs to
> display 4 spaces wide, but others might like them 2 spaces wide or even
> 8 spaces wide. Using spaces forces us into one width whereas tabs allow
> every developer to choose their own width whilst retaining compatibility.

[comments from someone i.e., me, who hasn't written a line of WP code
yet! so ignore!]

I agree, plus re-indenting within lines is a bit easier with tabs. Of
course there's the old JWZ page extolling the virtues of spaces over tabs.

Unrelated: thanks to all those who responded to my initial post. I am in
the process of getting my svn client side going.


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