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Amit Gupta wp at igeek.info
Wed Jan 25 20:17:57 GMT 2006

Michel Valdrighi <michelv at gmail.com> wrote:
|  It might be even nicer to take this idea further and define "server
|  capabilities" flags, that could be used for dependency checking in
|  plugins.
|  After all, maybe I don't want to have wp-content writable.
|  But if I activate a plugin that needs it, it would be better if it 
|  deactivated right away with a message telling me that it needs to be
|  able to write to wp-content.
|  All too often the reality is different: plugin tries to write, fails
|  and spews an error, WP's output buffering makes the page blank, user
|  is confused. By enabling plugins to prevent such failures, WP would
|  become more solid to both plugin developers and users.

quite a valid point, I can't spot any flaw or anything to say against 

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