[wp-hackers] Interfacing with wordpress from other php scripts

Jeff Minard jeff at jrm.cc
Tue Jan 24 00:47:39 GMT 2006

Dave Mee wrote:
> Beyond ripping the existing Wordpress php pages apart, which would give me a
> less future-proof route, is there any documentation or pointers out there
> that can help me figure out clean, abstracted ways of handling this? Or am I
> going to have to get dirty? And has anyone out there already done anything
> like this, and have any pointers I can use? 

I, believe, that is a matter of simply including the wp-config. After 
including that, you'll be set to make use of all the wp functions in 
order to abstract the validation of usernames.

You may want to be weary of what those validation functions do in regard 
to making cookies, but I don't imagine that to be too much of an issue.


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