[wp-hackers] Interfacing with wordpress from other php scripts

Dave Mee dave at davemee.com
Mon Jan 23 20:34:39 GMT 2006

Hi List,

I'm undertaking a project involving the integration of AMFPHP and Wordpress.
I'd like to use Wordpress' functionality, but to handle parts of the front
end from everyone's favourite plugin, Flash.

AMFPHP expects a bunch of classes on the server-side to be invoked by remote
calls from a client-side movie. However, I'm stumbling to understand how the
code in Wordpress hangs together... I'm attempting a reasonably simple
thing, a login. I'm trying to write a script to simply validate a
user/password combination against the uselist in the WP database. Ideally,
I'd like to handle this with a minimum of custom code and maximum use of
existing WP functions and classes... however, I'm struggling to get my head
into how everything fits together on the WP side, and even to find the right
documentation, which is ... sparse... at best, even in the codex. 

Beyond ripping the existing Wordpress php pages apart, which would give me a
less future-proof route, is there any documentation or pointers out there
that can help me figure out clean, abstracted ways of handling this? Or am I
going to have to get dirty? And has anyone out there already done anything
like this, and have any pointers I can use? 

Cheers guys,


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