[wp-hackers] Ditch RDF and RSS 0.92

Kaf Oseo kaf at szub.net
Mon Jan 16 18:43:53 GMT 2006

David House wrote:
> Because the choice for feeds is down to RSS2/Atom nowadays. RDF is
> old, clunky and really was never intended for feeds, and as a result
> it isn't really used at all any more.
> As for RSS1, I think you're getting confused. The RSS version you see
> when you go to url/feed/rss is RSS 0.92. url/feed/rss2 is RSS2. We've
> never had an RSS 1 feed, if indeed such a technology exists.

Nope, not confused. RDF in this case is RSS 1, or rather 1.0.


Whether or not RDF was intended for syndication needs, it *is* an
XML specification, and the one used for RSS 1.0.

Note that if I went looking I'd no doubt find numerous feeds still
using RSS 0.92, but being superseded by RSS2 such feeds should not
be affected if redirected to WordPress' RSS2 feed. The same cannot
be said for the RDF/RSS 1 feed, hence my questioning your point on
it being an obsolete format.


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