[wp-hackers] Wordpress 2.0 trackback issues

Mark B. mark2005 at imaginekitty.com
Tue Jan 10 21:17:06 GMT 2006

Many of us are having issues sending trackbacks using WP 2.0.  Some 
claim they are not but are perhaps confusing trackbacks and pingbacks.

This is not the issue with whitespace in the to_ping field in the 
wp_posts table because after you publish and the trackback fails you 
can go to wp-adming/execute-pings.php and it will usually send the 
trackback (still seems intermittent).

I know execute-pings.php is being called because the pingbacks are 
going out just fine but the trackbacks never work until you call 
execute-pings.php alone after the post is published.

I've been messing around with execute-pings.php (both modifying it and 
calling it in different places but I've had no luck yet.

I've had minor success by making the posting form action go to 
execute-pings.php then having execute-pings.php redirect as needed but 
then it seems to ignore pingbacks and if you have more than one 
trackback only one gets sent.

It has been rather frustrating.  Has anyone got any ideas?


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